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Na Parkánu, Plzeň

Meet Tomáš Rédl. He’s aTapster at Na Parkánu in Plzeň. He’s been a Tapster for over 15 years and has worked in Na Parkánu since 2009. Here he tells us more about his job and the unique pub that he works in.

We only serve Pilsner Urquell in this pub. But it is special because this is one of the only places you can always get unpasteurised and unfiltered beer, just like it is in the brewery cellars.

The pub opened here in 1966 and this building is very interesting. It used to be one of the town’s malt houses, a locksmiths, a store for the fire brigade, part of the hospital, a toymakers and a bookbinders. It was once even a prison, too!

The name Na Parkánu comes from ‘parkán,’ the wall that surrounded the city. We still have some of the wall attached to the pub, next to the Brewery Museum.

Na Parkánu is a štamgasts pub. We have good beer, good food and a good atmosphere, so people are happy. This is the Plzeň football team’s favourite pub, so our heroes come here and celebrate. We’ve also served the Prince of Monaco and the Czech Olympic team.  

I am proud to be a Master Bartender 2011 finalist. This competition is very important as it allows you to show your craft to your peers.

It is most important to make sure everything’s clean at your Tapster station. A Tapster has to have a clean glass, a clean bar and a clean mind! I first clean the pipes, pour a šnyt to test the beer and judge the temperature. Of course, I am still learning as a Tapster – every day I learn something new. I want to be a Tapster forever, it is a respected job in Czech.