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Na Hradčanské, Prague

You wouldn’t know it from the way it looks, or from its location, but Na Hradčanské has a special reputation in Prague: This is where the city’s Tapsters go to drink.

Situated in the unassuming residential district of Prague 6, near the Hradčanské Metro station, it’s outside the tourist centre and sits along one of Prague’s main orbital roads. Yet people come from miles around to visit because of the quality of the Pilsner Urquell.

“The secret to a good bar is simple,” says the bar’s owner Robert Cacak: “Serve good beer and serve good food. Together it creates a great atmosphere. For me, Pilsner Urquell is the best beer in the world. With Pilsner Urquell if you don’t have heart it doesn’t work.”

“The Tapsters really make the pub – my customers come for their exceptional service and the way they look after the beer. It’s not an easy beer either, it can taste different in different bars but some people don’t care. My customers do. We now serve one of the best beers in Prague.”

“I have two Tapsters. One is 65 years old and is a legend. The other is Lukáš Vitásek, who won the Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender 2015 competition. Lukáš is so passionate about the beer. In fact, he wouldn’t accept the job unless I agreed to let him enter the Master Bartender competition.”

“I had a simple dream,” says Robert. “I’ve always wanted to own a pub. I’ve been in business for 30 years, but now I just own this bar. We opened in 2014. My pub is full every evening. I have total satisfaction. For me it’s perfect. It’s just how I want it. But like a marriage, you have to work hard at it. Every day is a story.”

What makes Na Hradčanské a special place is how the beer quality is essential to what they do; the beer has to be perfect and it has to be perfectly poured. The Tapster is central to everything great about the best-tasting beer in the best pubs.

Meet the Tapster: Lukáš Vitásek

I was born for this job and always want to be behind the tap.

I’m young but everyone respects me – my colleagues and my customers.

Good beer is the most important thing in the world. This beer is my obsession.

I won the Master Bartender competition in 2015. It has changed my life.

I have a special name for my taps. I call them Eriska! I must say hello to them every morning