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Kolkovna, Prague

Meet Michal Soppe. He’s the Tapster at Kolkovna in the centre of Prague. He’s been a Tapster for 17 years, working in many bars in the city.

I was born in Prague in 1966. I tasted my first good beer at Rudolfína and U Pinkasů. That’s where my love started.  

After my National Army Service I was a semi-professional boxer for eight years.

This restaurant used to be a dancing hall and place for afternoon tea before communism.

At Kolkovna we pride ourselves on our beer. We have five taps serving Pilsner Urquell constantly. Our customers drink about five or six 50 litre kegs a day. We can’t get tank beer in this building as we’d need too long a pipe to get it in and the beer would go off during the filling, so we serve the best keg beer we can.

Kolkovna has good values. The philosophy is to offer quality beer, have a great kitchen, offer the highest standards of service and constantly train staff to serve better beer.

I love that everything revolves round the beer at Kolkovna – the bar is in the centre of the restaurant and the Tapster is the first person you see when you come in.

Not everyone can be a Tapster – people need time to become good and not everyone has the patience. Love is what makes a good beer.