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Classic Pilsner Pours: Mlíko

Of all the classic Pilsner Urquell pours, the Mlíko might just be the most unsual (though of course that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious). The Mlíko is the closest you can get to Pilsner Urquell ice cream. And you can think of it just like dessert.

If you’ve read our post on the Šnyt you know that each of the Pilsner pours is a variation on the amount of foam and carbonation in the beer. To make a Mlíko, the Tapster opens the tap slightly, letting the glass fill up to the top with foam. Some of this foam then settles, becoming beer – you get a full glass but you'll only pay for a half. The result is a smooth and creamy pour with just a bit of beer on the bottom – and it should be drunk quickly, enjoying its fresher aroma, before more of the soft, sweet foam becomes beer. 

No one knows exactly who invented the Mlíko, but in traditional Czech pubs it was usually served as a kind of dessert, or as an elegant drink that's a little different. Sometimes the bartender would give a Mlíko as a parting gift after the bill was paid.

The Mlíko might not be the beer you’d order every time, but it’s definitely a nice way to change things up, and it’s a pour that’s fun to be familiar with.

Why not try it and let us know what you think!