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Why we love tankovna


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In the words of brewmaster Vaclav Berka, “beer is the best in the cellar of the brewery.” That’s where it’s going to be at its freshest and why visiting breweries is the place to go to get the tastiest beer. But not everyone can get to Plzen (though you should try!), so we work hard to get the freshest beer out to bars, which is where our Tankovna (or tank) pubs are important.

“The tank beer is from the start to the end – to the glass – it’s the best condition that we’re able to achieve,” says Vaclav. The beer that goes into the tanks is unpasteurised, meaning it must be drunk fresher than pasteurised beer – the shelf-life for tank beer is just three weeks from leaving the brewery, and only one week once the tank is first opened, so you can guarantee that a pint of tank Pilsner Urquell tastes as close to cellar beer as we can achieve. That freshness means you get a fuller flavour and a deeper taste. And that’s a good thing, right?

To go with this, the tanks are temperature-controlled to a similar coolness to that of the cellars in Plzen. The only thing missing is a brewmaster to pour your beer, but instead we work closely with the bars to teach them all the tricks of the perfect way to pour the freshest beer.

There are hundreds of tankovna bars across the Czech Republic, all receiving beer fresh from the brewery within six hours of it leaving our front gates. You can also get tank beer around Europe: Berlin, London, Vienna. It might take a few extra hours to get there, but it’s still straight from the cellars and into the tanks.

You can definitely expect to see more tankovna pubs opening. If you see one then you can guarantee you’re drinking the beer as fresh as possible.