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U Bláhovky, Brno

“People come here for the beer and the atmosphere,” says Honza Matousek, who has been a Tapster since 1998 and has worked in Brno’s U Bláhovky since 2008. “Even if you’re alone, you have friends here – there’s always room for one more at our table.”

As the man responsible for pouring it, what does Honza think makes the perfect beer? "The brewery, the Tapster and the customer all together,” he says. “A great tapster is made from demanding customers. When you have customers who are demanding, they make the perfect beer. Here the customers are very demanding. People have a high expectation when they come here. We can’t disappoint them. People know this place for the beer quality.”

Honza is a busy man because U Bláhovky sells around 600 litres of Tankovna Pilsner Urquell every day – and that’s in a pub with just 50 seats indoors and some standing room outside. So the beer must be good. The food is also great: their pork knee is famous, as is the delicious selection of homemade Czech beer snacks.

One thing that you can feel when you visit is the warm and welcoming atmosphere. In the Czech Republic it’s the Tapster who is a central figure who helps create this feeling. “It’s a relationship as a friend and it’s not customer and bartender. I am a part of the community here. Without this I wouldn’t enjoy it,” Honza says. “I will be a Tapster forever.”

With Honza on the tap, and great staff all around him, you’ll always find a friend and a great Pilsner Urquell in U Bláhovky.