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Step by Step: The Hladinka Pour

Every one of our Tapsters trains for five days at the brewery in Plzeň to learn the skills they need to pour perfect Pilsner Urquells every time. That way beer lovers at our Tankovna bars get to taste the original golden lager the way it’s meant to be. Only Tapsters who can master the pour and prove their knowledge of the craft of brewing and storing our beer can wear the leather apron.

What really goes into a perfect Pilsner Urquell pour? Easier said than done, but here's the Hladinka, step-by-step.

1)Start with a clean glass: The glass has to be completely clean and rinsed free of any detergents that cut down the foam. 

2)Cool and soak the glass: Before pouring, soak the glass in cold water to lower its temperature to that of the beer. The wetness also helps ensure the dense wet foam sticks to the glass. 

3)Hold the glass at 45°: First, the glass should be held at 45°. That way the beer pours gently without splashing. 

4)Open the tap: Open the tap slightly, allowing wet foam to pour in. 

5)Open the tap completely: Once the wet foam is in the glass, open the tap all the way, until the glass is about 3/4 full. 

6)Level the glass: The last part of the pour happens with a level glass. Top up the beer, building it below the rich foam. 

7)Close the tap: A split second before the beer reaches the rim of the glass, close the tap. It’s okay if a little spills over the top. This is wet work, after all!

8)Serve: The last step of the pour is to give the beer to the customer or the server. Place the glass on the bar and turn it so the handle is facing the person picking it up. It’s the finishing touch of a process that’s all about craft, care and dedication.