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Say hello to the Original Collective!

Since the first pint of the original Pilsner was created by a team of brewers in Plzeň in 1842, we have continued to build our legacy of originality and collaboration. It’s at the heart of everything we do, which is why we’re launching the Original Collective. 

The Original Collective is a group of likeminded individuals, who share our passion for craftsmanship, flavour and collaboration. We’ve recruited some of most exciting names from beer, food and beyond to join the Pilsner Urquell fold, and to learn why we love what we do. Plus we’ll be sharing their individual journeys with you. 

And naturally, we started where it all began… the Pilsner Urquell brewery.

The Original Collective were taken to Plzeň for a chance to immerse themselves in the world of the original Pilsner and enjoy a taste of the Czech lifestyle. The tour included the opportunity to meet the team behind Pilsner Urquell and learn about its rich history. In addition, the Original Collective got to discover Prague, learning how Pilsner Urquell has helped shape the city, in addition to sampling its cuisine and visiting its famous beer halls.

But the journey doesn’t end there. We’ll be working with our Original Collective partners in the coming weeks and months, immersing them further in our world. Everything from joining us for our Brewers and Makers sessions, to meeting more Pilsner Urquell heroes, to checking out our Tank bars – they’ll be with us every step of the way. 

We’ll be building the Original Collective throughout the year, but say hello to the first members:

The Edinburgers


Driven by their passion for good food and great beer, this partnership was a perfect pairing. The Edinburgh based couple, Jonathan and Zarah Swain started sharing their reviews and recipes with the world via their blog and social media platforms.

“We’re really interested in the history of the beer and were keen to learn more from those working behind the scenes. Partnering with Pilsner Urquell and getting a tour of the brewery from Robert Lobovsky is an experience we’ll never forget.” Zarah Sawin, The Edinburgers

Food Feels


James Thompson, aka Food Feels, has a hugely successful food and travel Instagram. Splitting his time between the UK and Australia, his passion for discovering new flavours and artisanal ingredients made him a natural choice to join the Originals Collective. Through his photography he captures beautiful imagery from around the world, and captures the unique essence of the places he visits.

“Getting to know the unique story behind Pilsner Urquell has been eye opening. The passion and craftsmanship that goes on behind the scenes is inspiring and being able to capture that has been a lot of fun.”  

The Everyday Man


John Robertson, aka The Everyday Man, writes a popular men’s lifestyle blog featuring everything from food, drink, music, travel and the arts. He likes to get under the skin of the places he visits, giving a 360-degree view of cities and loved discovering Prague during his trip.

“When Pilsner Urquell approached me to be part of the Original Collective, I immediately said yes. I’m a beer drinker and the opportunity to work with a brewery who has such a rich heritage was very exciting. Experiencing the Czech culture and seeing how Pilsner Urquell has shaped that was eye opening”. 

The Crafty Beeress


Charlie Cohen, otherwise known as the Crafty Beeress turned her hobby for beer from a simple tasting diary into a popular blog including reviews, events, opinions and interviews. Her knowledge of the beer world made her a great addition to the Original Collective. She was already a big fan of the brewery so she jumped at the chance to immerse herself in the world of the original Pilsner. 

“I’ve been to Prague a number of times, making the most of its rich beer culture. Being part of the Original Collective and invited inside the world of the beer at the  heart of that culture –well I just couldn’t say no.”


If you want to hear more about the Original Collective or enquire about joining let us know!