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Prague’s Best Pubs: Lokál Hamburk

If you’re looking for great beer in Prague, you’ll locate it at Lokál. There are several Lokál pubs in the city centre we’ve blogged about, but we recently visited Lokál Hamburk, a bit further afield in Prague’s Karlín neighbourhood, to taste what they can do.

Lokál Hamburk doesn’t just have a welcoming atmosphere, consistently fresh Pilsner Urquell and tasty Czech food, they also have some of the best Tapsters in the country working behind the bar.

Tereza Aujeská, one of the Tapsters there, told us about her job. She says the most important skills for a Tapster to have are respect for the beer and a love for serving even the most demanding customers.

“It’s a very nice feeling to observe happy customers. That’s the reward”, she said.

The regulars at Lokál Hamburk insist on fresh, perfectly poured beers every time in all of the classic styles of pouring Pilsner. The Hladinka is by far the most popular and it’s the one you’ll get if you simply ask for a beer. But Tereza’s favourite is the Šnyt.

“It’s like a small beer in a large glass with a nice topping of sweet foam that makes circles around the glass as you drink it. It’s the perfect taste”.

Lokál Hamburk is part of a recent revitalisation of the Karlín neighbourhood, which is now one of the most interesting areas in Prague for great beer and food. In 2002 Karlín was severely flooded, causing massive damage and forcing many pubs and restaurants to close. That’s why you’ll see a line painted on the wall behind the bar; it’s the waterline, showing how the entire first floor of the building was submerged!

Thankfully the floodwaters have subsided, and Lokál Hamburk is a pub where you can stay warm and dry while enjoying some of the best Pilsner in Prague, or anywhere.