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Perfect Pilsner Pour: Martina Navrátilová

My name is Martina Navrátilová. I am 26 years old and have been a Tapster for four years. I started in Lokál Pod Divadlem in May 2015.

I have worked as a bartender in many bars in Plzeň. But after entering the Master Bartender competition, and when I started wearing the black shirt, people trusted me. They now respect that I know what I’m talking about. I am the girl who understands beer better than some of the men sitting across the bar!

I am lucky, I have a good boss who gives me a free hand to do what I want so I learn a lot. We have six tanks here, so there is a lot of beer to pour and tanks to change.

I am a member of the Brewery Bartenders, who are Czech tapsters who train bartenders around Europe in the art of pouring and I’ve had the privilege of travelling to Spain to help educate.

To be a good Tapster you have to love beer. But just drinking a lot of beer doesn’t make you an expert. I’m always learning. Tapsters are the personalities of the pub and we have to be a friend to everyone. I’m a good listener!

I think women pour better beer than men. They ‘feel’ the beer better. My dream is to continue to improve, to teach people to pour better beer and to get people to care about the beer more.