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Four Reasons Why Tank Beer Tastes Better

Ever visited our brewery? If so, you’ve been lucky enough to taste Pilsner Urquell straight from the source. The unpasteurised, unfiltered lager in our cellars is the holy grail for many beer drinkers. But the beer in our Tankovna bars is as close to matching that perfect flavour. Here’s why:

   1)It’s fresh: The beer in every Pilsner Urquell Tankovna bar arrives from the brewery within 48 hours. Then it has to be consumed within five days of opening the tank. Our beer doesn’t get any fresher, unless you come to the brewery yourself!

  2)It’s unpasteurised: Pasteurisation means heating the beer quickly, which sterilises it, but also kills some of the flavour. We guarantee the freshness of the beer we serve in Tankovna bars, so we can skip this step. The strictly controlled delivery process means you get to taste Pilsner Urquell from the Tankovna bars in all its delicious, unpasteurised glory.

    3)It’s temperature-controlled: We monitor the temperature of our beer while it’s on the tank truck, and also when it’s in the tank at the pub. The beer stays at the optimum temperature of our lagering cellars so it doesn’t undergo any shocks that would harm the flavour.

  4)It never touches air: We transport our tank beer in vacuum-sealed bags, which are also inside the tanks at the pub. That way the beer has no contact with air until the moment it’s poured into your glass. No air means no oxidation, and that means tastier beer. 

Have you ever tried Pilsner Urquell from the tank? What did you think?