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The Coopers

Behind the walls of the Pilsner Urquell brewery, over the last 40 years, Josef Hruza has led a team of seven ‘coopers’ as they handcraft the oak casks where our beer matures.  It’s the only remaining team of coopers in Central Europe, highlighting how dedicated we are to ensuring the authenticity of our beer as well as how important it is to preserve crafts like this, which are in danger of being lost.

Our original ‘Coopers House’ was opened in 1842, the year the brewery was founded, although Coopering originated much earlier, in the eighth century. The coopers create each barrel using traditional methods preserved and passed on from generation to generation. ‘Like Us’ on Facebook to find out more how you can taste Pilsner Urquell beer that's been brewed in these hand-crafted barrels.