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The ‘Original Collective’ – day two in Prague

After exploring Plzeň and immersing themselves in the world of the original Pilsner, it was now time for the Original Collective to dig deeper into how Pilsner Urquell has helped shape the Czech capital of Prague. 

Czechs are very proud to be home to the world’s first golden lager and you cannot turn a corner without finding a fantastic bar or restaurant serving it. One of the brew team’s favourite spots is Čestr. This restaurant serves only the finest local produce, with fresh Pilsner on tap. John from The Everyday man was a big fan of the décor and rightly so – the designs on each tile was individually created using the Cestr logo. 

Every beer house in the city is steeped in history. The Edinburgers and Crafty Beeress brushed up on their local knowledge in U Pinkasů, where the golden Pilsner was flowing. The story goes that just one year after the first pint of Pilsner Urquell was poured, the brew team sent two buckets of Pilsner Urquell to local tailor, Pinkas and his drinking buddies. Upon one taste of the original Pilsner, Pinkas decided to switch careers and open a bar dedicated to Pilsner Urquell. To this day, it still only sells original Pilsner.

Stopping off at Lokal for a quick pint and then on to Mincovna for lunch, it was clear that the original golden lager was a key part of the drinking culture in the capital. The large silver tanks of Pilsner Urquell were always front and centre, as a symbol of how this iconic beer is proudly at the heart of the city’s rich heritage.  

After two packed days, it was time to head home but the journey doesn’t end here. We’ll be working with our Original Collective partners in the coming weeks and months, immersing them further in our world - so stay tuned! 

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